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Urbanest reinforces Adelaide’s reputation as a top education destination

UOA large studio with double bed. Image courtesy of Urbanest

The official opening of Urbanest at the University of Adelaide has added an extra dimension to the city’s already strong academic credentials.

Urbanest, one of Australia’s leading student accommodation providers, has partnered with the University of Adelaide to exclusively support the university’s 7000+ overseas students and large domestic student intake, as South Australia’s biggest service export continues to grow.

The Right Honorable Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Martin Haese affirmed the economic importance of education and particularly international students to the city of Adelaide.

“Each year, the sector contributes $1.5 billion to the state economy and well over a billion dollars for the city of Adelaide,” said the Lord Mayor.

“The opening of Urbanest at the University of Adelaide is a significant and welcomed investment in our city, and comes on the back of Adelaide’s growing international reputation as an education destination of choice.

“Education is a powerful change agent for Adelaide as we grow into the future. If you have a city that embraces education, you have a natural segue to innovation and you have a natural segue towards commercialisation.”

Urbanest CEO David Munro stated the latest property is a result of a well-established partnership between The University of Adelaide and Urbanest and is designed to ensure all students both domestic and international have access to high-quality, professionally managed accommodation while studying in Adelaide.

“Building on Urbanest’s success across Australia, this exciting development supports the rising number of domestic and international students wishing to study at one of Adelaide’s leading universities, while allowing students to live in the Adelaide city centre,” said Mr Munro.

“Our focus is on providing safe, secure facilities in an engaging environment, supporting both the social and academic needs of students whilst away from home.”

Located along the vibrant North Terrace, Urbanest at the University of Adelaide is directly across the road from the main University of Adelaide campus and a five-minute walk from the University of Adelaide College.

The University of Adelaide Pro Vice Chancellor (International), Professor Nancy Cromar, stated the University understands that accommodation sets the foundation for academic success for their students.

“Engaging with partners such as Urbanest, is a critical part of what we do in order to deliver our education mandate locally, nationally and internationally,” said Professor Nancy Cromar.

“Our relationship with Urbanest was born out the 2011 New Zealand city of Canterbury earthquake which temporarily suspended the operation of the University of Canterbury. As a gesture of support, we offered a group of 100 students an opportunity to continue their studies at the University of Adelaide,” said Professor Nancy Cromar.

“Twelve days later the students were checking into Urbanest’s Bank Street property for a three month stay and it was from here the relationship between Urbanest and The University of Adelaide began to grow.

“Shortly after acquiring the North Terrace site in 2016, Urbanest offered the University of Adelaide and our student community first access to the new building, which now sees the property embedded into the University’s portfolio of student accommodation and promoted to both our domestic and international students.”

The new property is located at 230 North Terrace, Adelaide and marks the elventh Urbanest property since they first began operating in 2010 in Brisbane.

Source: Urbanest

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