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Video panel discussion: The future of transport

The future of transport

Ian Christensen, iMOVE Australia’s Managing Director, recently appeared in a panel discussion on The Reboot Show, with the topic being ‘The Future of Transport’.

The remit of The Reboot Show is to investigate ways in which technology helps our lives, and ways in which it can be an influence for positive change in our work lives.

This episode is hosted by Sally A Illingworth, and appearing with Ian as a panellist is Director of Glowing Green Australia, Larissa Rose, and Luke Stow, The Reboot Show’s resident technology panellist. It begins with a stocktake of what have been the recent big changes in transport. Ian remarks that we find ourselves within a period of quiet revolution in transport:

Ten years ago when things were on the move they were pretty much invisible. But these days everybody’s got a smartphone, and half the trucks have telemetry on board, so we’ve emerged into an era where actually we can see things moving while they’re moving. And it we can see them there’s a good chance we can make them move better.

The panellists then move on to discuss a number of topics, including:

  • a shift to customer-centricity
  • new fuel options, including the promise of hydrogen
  • the introduction of new modes into the transport mix
  • data: are we keeping up, or are we drowning in it?
  • the pandemic and transport

All of this and more is discussed, and we finish with the question asked, ‘What are you most excited about in the future of transport?’


The Reboot Show’s Future of Transport episode is embedded below, and runs for just short of 40 minutes.

Click play, and enjoy!

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