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WA Government delivers extra resources to Pilbara classrooms

The WA Government has delivered its key election commitment to return education assistants and Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEOs) to classrooms in the Pilbara.

From 2018, five full-time equivalent (FTE) additional education assistants will be in public school classrooms in the Pilbara, with five FTE in 2019 and 11.9 FTE in 2020.

By 2019, 4.9 FTE AIEOs will be returned to Pilbara classrooms to give local Aboriginal children additional assistance, as part of the WA Government’s commitment to deliver an additional 50 across Western Australia.

They will be allocated to 74 schools including regional senior high schools, district high schools and remote community schools. The schools with the most Aboriginal students will receive the most funding.

Source: WA Government

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