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WA principals to get schooled at Harvard

A total of 20 Independent Public School principals will spend a week at Harvard University in May 2017 as part of a leading development program.

WA Education Minister Peter Collier said the principals would travel to the prestigious university in Boston to learn from the world’s best at the Graduate School of Education.

“Once they have finished learning in the hallowed halls of Harvard, they go on to complete an online course through Harvard and then take on short-term change projects to reform aspects of their schools or the broader public education system,” Mr Collier said.

“They, along with 20 principals currently in the program, will form a pool of highly skilled leaders who can be called on by the Department of Education for a range of roles, including acting as mentors to other principals and contributing to school leadership development programs.”

The WA Minister said the 20 principals were selected for their exemplary leadership.

“As Independent Public School principals, they have already demonstrated they are willing to push the boundaries of what is possible and bring innovation into public school classrooms to benefit student learning,” he said.

Each principal who completes the program will become an Independent Public School Fellow.

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