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How will you choose your uni?

What will influence your decision about which university you attend, or which university you advise your children to enrol at?

University of Queensland Business School PhD student Asma Qureshi wants to know if family history, perceived prestige, marketing, location and any other factors will impact your choice.

“It is a topic that has intrigued me over many years – and one I have had many spirited debates about with colleagues,” Ms Qureshi said.

“To me it seems Australia has different dynamics at play than other countries like the United Kingdom or the United States of America.

“I want to understand student choice behaviour, and how the joint decision-making process works with parents in Australian families residing in Queensland.”

Ms Qureshi is currently recruiting year 11 and year 12 students from around south east Queensland for her research.

Each student must have one of their parents available and willing to participate in the study.

Participants will receive free movie tickets and meal vouchers for their time.

Born in Pakistan, Ms Qureshi has previously modelled similar decision-making processes during a period spent living in England, where she attended Loughborough University.

“It’s interesting, because Australia is very similar to England in a lot of ways socially,” Ms Qureshi said.

“But from casual observation it does appear there are marked differences in behaviour, for instances it seems it’s more accepted in England you will move away from home to attend uni.

“The other thing I find fascinating is that students often either vastly underestimate or overestimate the role their parents play in their choice of university.

“Even if there isn’t overt pressure to select a particular university, parent behaviour or previous experiences still have an influence, no matter how independent we like to think of ourselves.”

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