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Key election promise delivered

The WA Government is proceeding with its election commitment to put an additional 300 education assistants and 50 Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEOs) back into Western Australian classrooms.

From 2018, 100 additional education assistants will be employed in WA public schools with 100 more employed for each of 2019 and 2020.

Education assistants will be employed in 238 primary schools and district high schools with most allocated to socially disadvantaged students.

They will work across kindergarten to Year 2 and will be permanent on appointment.

An extra 50 AIEOs will be employed in regional WA to give local Aboriginal children additional assistance.

They will be allocated to 74 schools including regional senior high schools, district high schools and remote community schools.

The schools with the most Aboriginal students will receive the most funding.

Seven AIEOs will be employed in 2018 at residential colleges with significant numbers of Aboriginal students.

These residential colleges include Broome, Esperance, Geraldton and Albany.

Funding for the additional education assistants and AIEOs will be provided to schools and residential colleges through a targeted initiative.

Source: WA Government

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