New research reveals online shopping is having a positive knock-on effect on small local businesses

New independent research has revealed that the boom in online shopping is providing a positive knock-on effect to an array of small bricks-and-mortar businesses across the country.

A survey of an independent panel of 1005 online Aussie shoppers[1] commissioned by leading parcel collection network Hubbed ( indicates that retailers who use collection point networks for customer deliveries are giving participating outlets a major secondary boost when customers go in to collect their parcels. Full survey results, including breakdowns across age and State, can be found here:

The findings revealed that when 61 per cent of online shoppers picked up their parcels from their local collection location – such as consumer retail outlets, petrol stations, newsagents, and storage facilities – it was the first time they had visited that outlet.

Even more significant, however, is that 59 per cent of shoppers surveyed also made a purchase from the local collection point while picking up their parcel. This indicates that online retailers who use parcel collection networks are providing valuable additional revenue stream for local businesses on top of their fee for being a collection facility.

The Hubbed collection point network comprises more than 2000 petrol stations, convenience stores and independent retail outlets Australia-wide, many of which are small businesses that rely on their local community for survival. The findings clearly demonstrate that such parcel collection networks are providing shoppers with a means to connect with, and support, local businesses in their community.

David McLean, CEO and founder of Hubbed, says: “As the country moves into a phase of recovery, eCommerce retailers and consumers alike can support the local, smaller players in the community to help drive their business, by choosing to use collection point networks as alternative delivery options. Parcel collection networks can have a positive knock-on effect on the small businesses that comprise the Hubbed collection point network, which includes independent retail outlets.”

According to the Australian Retailers Association, the pandemic accelerated retail trends by a decade, with online shopping booming. These conditions are highly favourable for traders and parcel collection agents alike.

The Hubbed Click and Collect plug-in and Hubbed network provides retailers with a simple solution to provide their customers with more efficient delivery choices, as well as an easy solution to process online returns.

Meanwhile, Australia’s 2000-plus Hubbed network of collection agents are benefitting from the surge in online shopping by increasing the foot traffic to their physical outlets and generating additional sales in the process.

Hubbed’s full survey results, including breakdowns across age and State, can be found here:

[1] Respondents were Australians who had shopped online at least three times in the last three months.

Source: Hubbed

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