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Researchers named finalists in Young Tall Poppy Science awards

Two of QUT’s top young researchers were named finalists at 2017’s Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science awards.

Dr Anjali Jaiprakash and Dr Indira Prasadam have been honoured for excellence in their respective fields of research into medical robotics and bone and cartilage disorders.

The pair was among 12 Queensland finalists in the awards announced by Acting Queensland Chief Scientist Christine Williams on Friday night, August 11, 2017.

Dr Jaiprakash is working on the development of a vision-based robotic leg-manipulation system for knee arthroscopy and a retinal diagnostic system for the early detection of blindness.

“Technology is constantly redefining how we learn, play and interact with this beautiful world around us, but also poses challenges in a way that we never imagined,” Dr Jaiprakash said.

“I believe that the solutions to some of the greatest challenges in today’s world of rapid change are at the intersection of many research fields.

“We embrace novel technologies with a transdisciplinary approach to develop medical devices.

“Our team is working towards translating robotics and vision technologies into affordable systems, and when successful it can have a global reach to improve healthcare outcomes.”

Dr Prasadam’s main area of research is in osteoarthritis and the development of treatments to ease knee pain, which affects one in four Australians.

“My team’s research is currently focused on identifying risk factors of osteoarthritis, evaluating new ways of imaging osteoarthritis, and working towards designing and testing new treatments that help to repair osteoarthritic joints,” Dr Prasadam said.

“For me, the real inspiration for my work comes whenever I meet a patient who is suffering with this condition.

“I feel the real value of my work is the responsibility I have to help them.”

The Young Tall Poppy Science awards shine a torch on intellectual and scientific excellence and encourage young Australians to pursue careers in science.

Queensland Minister for Science and Innovation Leeanne Enoch said: “I’d like to congratulate all the young Queensland scientists who received a 2017 Young Tall Poppy Science Award.

“Each year, I’m amazed at the ground-breaking research being carried out by Queensland universities and our world-class research institutes like QMIR Berghofer Medical Research Institute as well as organisations like CSIRO.

“Our talented young scientists are working on innovations that will help to increase our competitiveness in world markets, address environmental issues, and improve the health and well-being of Queenslanders.

“The QLD Government’s $420 million whole-of-government Advance Queensland initiative continues to support the amazing science taking place right here in our great state by providing a number of grant programs for researchers and science communicators.”

The Young Tall Poppy event is run in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS).

Source: QUT

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