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School funding review to invest in children

The NT Minister for Education Eva Lawler has announced that Ernst & Young has been selected to conduct an independent review of the Northern Territory Government’s school funding model.

Ms Lawler said the review will consider the way school budgets are calculated, including the use of effective student enrolment data and weightings to address student needs.

“We are investing in children because it is the right and smart thing to do,” Ms Lawler said.

“The review will look at what is paid for and managed by schools and what is paid for and managed centrally by the Department.

“We believe that all children and young people have a right to access a high quality education and that’s why we are reinvesting $124 million over four years to strengthen schools and support services for students.

“This review will ensure that funding to schools is equitable, transparent, and based on the needs of students.”

The review will commence and will involve input from key stakeholders as well as a cross section of Northern Territory government schools.

Ernst & Young were selected through a public quotation process, and submitted a quote that represented the best value for the Northern Territory and met the criteria to a very high level.

Ernst & Young has a local Darwin office and the review team will comprise a mix of local and interstate staff, with extensive experience in education sector resource modelling and stakeholder engagement in the Northern Territory, Australia, and internationally.

“As independent experts, the review team will be well placed to assess the current school funding model and make recommendations on how it can be improved,” Ms Lawler said.

The review is expected to be completed by August 2017, and where possible approved recommendations will be implemented for 2018 school budgets.

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