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Twenty-seven into one Gonski 2.0 does go

The Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) welcomes the announcement from the Prime Minister with regard to education funding in the form of the Quality Schools Initiative and the Gonski 2.0 review.

This much needed focus on fairer funding to education is welcomed and the move towards a growing and equitable distribution of funding is to be applauded.

“ACSSO has long called for Fair, Simple and Transparent truly needs funding and it is deeply gratifying to hear the Federal Government speak of the need for fairer, simpler and more transparent needs based funding” Phillip Spratt, President stated.

“Government funding of education must go to where there is true need; and not just a perceived want where the highly complex current agreements and special deals have allowed this to happen and funding to be wasted.

“The Prime Minister’s comment around great schools, great teachers and great outcomes are what all parents want for their children. We eagerly await the finer details of Gonski 2.0 and the Quality Schools initiative that promises to make this happen.

“The move to reduce the twenty-seven funding agreements into a single model, with no special deals, may finally bring truly needs based funding to all sectors. The discussion then moves to the level of funding necessary to address true need in burgeoning public school enrolments; ACSSO expects this crucial point to be acknowledged in the legislation process and Gonski 2.0 review.

It is also good to hear that the government is seeking the wise counsel of David Gonksi – a strong voice in the funding debate with a provenance and authenticity that is respected by all sides following his 2011 review that has come to characterise so much of the debate.

“As the peak parent voice for the families of the 2.5 million children in our public schools that make up over 70% of our nation’s schools we look forward to the upcoming discussion and welcome the opportunity to participate in the review.”

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